St Nicholas', Bransdale

Wild and remote, St Nicholas' Church, Bransdale lies at the head of a beautiful moorland dale.

Records show a church on the existing site since 1282, probably connected with The Priory of Keldholme. The present church was built in 1886 by the Earl of Feversham, and was later extended in 1934. St Nicholas' boasts a barrelled roof and several graves dating to the 18th century.

Today the Church is regularly visited a great many people, drawn by its solitude and quiet beauty.

During the summer months, regular Teas Days are held in the churchyard overlooking the dale; and each year in August, St Nicholas' Church is the final destination of the Parish Pilgrimmage, held over two days linking the five parish churches in the Benefice.


From Sunday 4th October, there will now be a monthly Sunday service of Holy Communion at St Nicholas' Church on the first Sunday of each month - details listed below :-


Sunday 4th October at 2.30pm - Harvest Communion

Sunday 1st November - 2.30pm - Holy Communion

(updated 16th September)














1st Sunday of the Month  2.30pm Holy Communion (Common Worship Order One)


For further information, please contact the Church Wardens, Audrey and Warick Bell (01751 / 432910)